About Us

About Us:

Everydai Babies is a passion-driven, Black Mama owned cloth diaper company and community!

We offer representation and variety in custom designer printed stretchy flats. We want you to feel confident in your decision to use cloth diapers. It is my wish that the dope designs and quality will bring your baby comfort and smiles with style! 

We offer exciting designs and quality fabric with a WHOLE LOTTA PERSONALITY that will make you go “Yassss” and “awwwwww!”, but don’t let me speak for your reaction! Try them out and let us know! 

When you purchase from Everydai Babies I hope you will breathe better knowing that we run our business in a smoke-free and pet-free home in Dallas, Texas, and that we partner with other small businesses ran by moms to bring you a product of love, style, and most of all quality! I don’t know about you, but I love doing business with other moms! 

How it all started: 

My calling in this cloth diaper journey started as budding interest in natural parenting, and embracing the freedom of making informed decisions for my family. 

Researching is my jam! I was intrigued by the information on the different lifestyles I found browsing Mommy groups, and blogs on the many ways to raise a healthy family. I stumbled across the idea of cloth diapers and I thought “this is pretty neat! ” The more I researched cloth diapers I was inspired. The funny thing is at this time it was just my son who was well above the age of wearing diapers. I didn’t intend on having  a baby anytime soon, but I made up my mind after that if I ever had another baby, cloth diapers would be the way to go. 

Fast forward the tape to 2017, I lost my job and decided it was time for me to stay home with my son until he was at a decent age, and made the decision to  homeschool him! I later learned that I was pregnant with my daughter. To be honest, she came at a time when I was not happy about life. I was in a bad headspace, I was almost 30 with no job. I came to the realization that I would have to get ready to pull myself from the dumps and offer my children the best life I possibly could! I knew I wanted to be more natural, informed, and more in tune with my pregnancy and postpartum than I was the first rodeo. You live and you learn right? Now all of the years of research spent I could finally put to use! 

I’m happy to say that I’ve used  cloth diapers with my daughter since she was 10 days old, and I have no regrets about the decision! I enjoy the convenience of never having to run to the store because I can never run out. I also look forward to wash day; I find washing cloth diapers to be extremely therapeutic! 

I also love shopping for cloth diapers because I love seeing my baby in cloth diapers as if I’ve just bought new clothes for myself! LOL 

The Vision:

One of my big visions for Everydai Babies is to build community with other Black moms who cloth diaper, especially those who are doing it without a husband or partner!  We are a very small demographic, and there are so many biases and challenges we face in our choice to cloth diaper. I want to build a judgement-free community of Black moms who feel supported, welcomed, and never have to feel insulted, or as if they are taking up too much space in choosing cloth diapers for their precious babies. 

My vision is also to inspire other single Black moms to start businesses and pass down legacy to their children. Jayce and Rh’Dayah inspired me to start this business to give them a better life, and show them what it means to build a business with heart and purpose. I want to be able to pass down the knowledge I gain from this experience, and  provide them with a better quality of life. 

It means more than the world to me to serve Black mothers and support them on their cloth diaper journey! I built this brand to build community with other Black mothers who use cloth diapers, and to allow me to stay home with two beautiful children and gain financial freedom.

The Owner:

Rae is a proud single mother of 2 beautiful children, and 1 of whom she homeschools. When she is not running the business, she is working from home full-time, running behind her children, researching and collecting books!  She loves Spicy Thai Curry and her favorite drink is Arnold Palmers. She loves to serve the community, and dreams of opening a transitional community for marginalized single mothers and their children.